As the first point of contact customers have with a venue, there are many obvious reasons to ensure parking areas offer a seamless, easy customer experience. But parking lots and garages also represent significant square footage as part of shopping centres and commercial buildings, so it is equally important that they are run as efficiently as possible.

Landlords like our partner Oxford Properties Group, recently recognized as the first project worldwide to attain Retail Parksmart Certification at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, are investing in technology and information systems to ensure their parking lots support their overall goals for fiscal and environmental success.

A1’s Parking Guidance platform supports building owners and managers with the tools and information they need in these and other areas, enabling them to:

  • Offer easily navigated parking areas that ensure customers can find parking quickly and easily for a positive guest experience and reduced automotive emissions
  • Maximize income by recognizing underutilized areas and ensuring all spots are easily found
  • Recognize operational cost savings through efficient cleaning and maintenance schedules based on actual usage
  • Reduce consumption of hydro and utilities by providing real-time occupancy data to coordinate with smart building technology

A1’s Parking Guidance data, when integrated with A1 People Counting data and site KPI results such as sales, helps managers to understand the value potential of each parking stall and action plans to optimize turn rates and usage for maximum site benefit.