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We’re strong believers that we can’t build the right system if we don’t have the right information. And that’s why A1 Innovation Group places a great deal of emphasis on the first step of our process: consultation.

Are you interested in maximizing your lease rates? Measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns? Better managing your staff? Coordinating maintenance and operational activities? These are just a few of the questions we ask to gain an in-depth understanding of your facility, your needs, and your expectations.



Understanding your needs is one thing – understanding your facility is another. Following our detailed consultations with you and your team, A1 Innovation Group conducts a thorough site survey to study your location.

In this phase of our process we examine your facility for layout, pedestrian behaviour, entrance and exit locations, doors, passageways and existing hardware. We combine these facility details with the information we gather about your company to design a powerful counting solution catered to your needs.



A big part of what lies behind our 99.6% accuracy statistics is the integral stage of our process where we carefully and meticulously architect a fully custom system. Everything is made to spec and created for your facility exclusively.

In the design phase, we focus on the infrastructure. Your system comes together in perfect functionality through quality design, strategic counter placement, cabling and precise IT programming. The end result is a custom architected counting solution that performs to your every expectation.



We cater to you. Do you already have a people or parking guidance system in place? We send one of our specialized engineers to assess the different aspects of your current solution and create a plan to use existing parts and functions wherever possible. Are you looking for a brand new system? We make sure you have everything you need to begin monitoring traffic and collecting valuable data.

We focus on making the right implementations to ensure the highest levels of accuracy. From the counting systems, to cabling behind the scenes, to IT infrastructure amalgamation, we manage it all. Once this phase is complete, your new solution will be up and running and ready to help you run your business better.



Now you have the data. But do you know how to use it? In the final phase of our process, the A1 Innovation Group team teaches you how to access, view, analyze and understand your data. What looks like nothing more than numbers on the surface is actually descriptive, diagnostic and predictive data that can help you better manage your facility.

How does your foot traffic differ according to the days of the week? Are there certain hours of the day when your facility is busiest? What happens to traffic when the weather is bad? Do you experience peak traffic on holidays? These are just a few of the questions our solutions answer. And when you have the right answers, you’re empowered to make smarter business decisions.

What Our Customers Say

A1’s platform has significantly impacted our ability to assist shoppers at Yorkdale and Square One… The A1 team ensured a solution was designed specifically for each site.

John Giddings, National Vice President, Real Estate Management, Oxford Properties Group

A1’s Parking System was designed and integrated specifically for One York, and helps us to manage our capacity so that both income and parking experience are maximized.

Sonya Buikema, Vice President, Property Management, Menkes Property Management Services

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