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The first step is acknowledging the fact that your facility has customer foot traffic worth tracking. The second is acquiring the numbers and understanding how to use them.

By putting insightful data into your hands, A1 Innovation Group’s footfall counting systems empower you to better manage your business.

And utilizing A1 Innovation Group’s cloud-based Business Intelligence dashboard, your people counting data can be integrated with A1 Parking, IoT, and Security into one powerful data set.

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99.6% Accuracy

Our innovative people counting solutions monitor and track all foot traffic into and out of your facility. Depending on the structure and layout of your location, each people counting system consists of a unique configuration of sensors, readers, and backend software.

Because A1 Innovation Group focuses on what happens before implementation, we’re able to perfectly position the hardware and precisely program the software so that your data reflects the highest level of accuracy.

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100% Customization

The data you receive is the data you need. We can accommodate a wide range of variables including the time of day visitors enter your facility, which entrances they use, crossover, level, washroom, flow counting, and more. Understand traffic trends based on factors such as marketing campaigns, holidays, weather conditions, and special events.

A perfect reflection of your business’s characteristics, intricacies and demands, A1 Innovation Group’s footfall counting systems are custom designed and implemented to deliver the exact data you need, when you need it.

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